About Lifeway Singapore

Lifeway Singapore commenced its business with objectives of assisting our customers to achieve and deliver superior IT, telecommunication services and managed solutions to better meet the dynamic technological environment that is constantly disrupting various sectors of the industries that we are operating in. We believe in providing quality operational support to strengthen our core strengths in delivering various services to our customers.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted IT, managed solutions, telecommunication and application solutions consulting advisor and partner to our customers in delivering our range of excellent services.

Our Mission Statement

Lifeway Singapore is the business space of information technology service provider. Our mission is to meet the various IT needs of our customers so to enable them to focus on their core strengths and services. We value integrity, accountability and entrepreneurship in our business and partnership approach.

Our Products & Services

Enterprise IT Services

Hardware sales and support setup

We provide hardware sales and support to meet your IT servers, network solution and virtualization requirements that best meet your needs.

Software configuration

To meet your critical application and requirements for setting up of software matrices or integration with existing systems to ensure that the process of software compatibility in different browsers, versions, operating systems and networks are properly considered.

Server Optimization

By maximization on the use of the number of servers, we assist our enterprises’ customers to take a holistic and strategic view on how to optimize the use of servers and virtualization to ensure costs efficiency and to simplify the IT process procedures.

Network Optimization and Connectivity

We provide our enterprises’ customers network optimization and connectivity services to connect in Singapore and globally via point to point and multi points Metro E and SDN services.

Network and IT Security

The recent increase in the number of cybercrime globally, it is important to have the appropriate security software solutions in place to protect any potential cyber-attacks. We provide comprehensive lists of security solutions and DDoS that will ensure your critical data are safe and secure from any potential online attacks.

NOC and Managed Maintenance

We provide NOC outsourced and maintenance services for our customers who would like to take advantage of our in-house capability to cater for customized needs of your operational managed services and maintenance requirements.

Software Engineering – Platform and Application Services

We have established partnership with leading Fin-tech platform and solution provider to offer smart cards, security services and solutions and Fin-tech and Platform Services.

To meet your respective transactional requirements, we will be happy to discuss your respective requirements so to ensure a customized solution could be implemented for you to meet your end customers’ requirements.

IoT Platform Services

In today’s competitive market landscape, enterprises today are facing tremendous challenges in maintaining service quality, control service costs, assurance and delivery. It is critical for enterprises to stay ahead of these changes and to be able to manage the complexity in IT/Network infrastructure to ensure optimization and utilization of application systems, services and IoT devices.

We provide holistic and flexible operations management solution to enable the appropriate monitoring system to deliver the quality of IoT services. This is to ensure that visibility of all the resources connected and regardless of whether they are on the shop floor, in edge or DC infrastructures or elsewhere in the service environment can be properly monitored.

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